Sydney Koala Stacking Puzzle


Beloved SYDNEY is a delightful early learning Koala stacking puzzle that is unique and wonderfully Australian.  Beautifully handmade and painted, SYDNEY will be a lovingly treasured by your child as they grow and develop in those early stages. 

Koalas are very special in Australia and cute SYDNEY makes the ideal early childhood puzzle by encouraging your child to learn through fun play using hand-eye co-ordination and shape recognition. 

SYDNEY will be so loved by your child as they soon discover that it does matter which way up the puzzle piece is placed teaching them to practice their grasp technique and problem-solving skills. 

Under your guidance your child will be delighted when they learn to fit and place the pieces correctly and discovering how SYDNEY is put back together.  Talking with your child and making this a fun activity, strengthens the bond between you while at the same time teaches your little one words.  Designed for early learning, SYDNEY is a special toy that will last a long time.  Lots of fun, offering a social learning activity while encouraging confidence, dexterity, essential hand-eye co-ordination and creating those happy childhood memories. 


  • Recommended age: 3 years +
  • Measurements: W: 6cm L: 6cm H: 12cm
  • Features 4 stacking pieces
  • Non-toxic and sustainable
  • Gender neutral