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My First Breathe Eze mattress by Babyhood is designed with optimum support for baby’s delicate growing bodies, supporting their wee head, neck, back and spine. With breathable fabrics, this highly tested mattress is the safer way for your precious baby to grow from newborn to child.


The superior Bonnell springs gives important support throughout and at the corners so your growing baby is fully supported when they start standing in their cot. Side vents cleverly regulate airflow allowing the mattress to breathe. Allergy and dust mite resistant, this beautifully made quilted on both sides’ mattress complies with the Australian Standard regulations.

Features to Love

  • Breathe Eze bonded fibre pad
  • Antimicrobial, allergy & dust mite resistant which is perfect for developing little lungs and delicate skin
  • Bonnell springs with tempered steel frame
  • Unique three layer design that is breathable and quilted on both sides for your baby's comfort
  • Inherently flame retardant and no unsafe binders or adhesives that may have significant health impacts over time
  • Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the structure of the springs


  • Mattress Size: 1295mm x 690mm x 100mm
  • Fabric Type: Polyester Cotton Fabric
  • Fabric Cover Style: Fully stitched cover with breathing vents
  • Standards Testing: Tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811-1:2013 – Sleep Surface Test For Firmness
  • Product Care: Spot clean with a damp cloth. Dry mattress pad in a dry shady area.

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Cotton Blend Cover

200 grams deluxe quilted cover made of polyester cotton that is antimicrobial, allergy & dust mite resistant. Breathing side vents for airflow boost.


Three layer support

Comprising of three layers, the Bamboo Breathe Eze Innerspring Mattress includes a thermally bonded non-toxic fibre pad and wadding which is safer and supportive.


Safety First

Tested to Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811-1:2013 – Sleep Surface Test For Firmness.


Layer One
Made of high-quality and breathable quilted fabric covers. There is no foam in our Breathe Eze Fibre Mattresses which could be toxic for your baby as it omits fumes which may impact your baby’s respiratory system.


Layer Two

The thermally-bonded fibre pad and wadding is safer and more supportive for your baby. All padding and wadding is made using heat bonded polyester fibre, which is a great form of padding and provides a firm and elastic sleeping experience. Polyester is also a non-toxic, non-harmful and low VOC product.


Layer Three

The third layer features the the spring and frame construction. High quality Bonnell springs provide outstanding support for your growing baby as they develop into a toddler.


In accordance with the Australian Standard recommendation, this mattress is designed to be firmer with the superior quality of Bonnell springs. Orthopeadic support is provided throughout as your baby sleeps or stands up on the corner of their cot.