Pandora Mobile



The Pandora baby mobile makes decorating your baby’s nursery such fun, as it works perfectly in any space within the room as it’s cute and adorable.  Beautifully made with love by Juno and Ace, the wide round shapes truly add an extra element of fascination and will soothe your baby with its movement and gentle floating motion.

The early stages of your baby’s life are so important and by creating a tranquil happy space that is welcoming for your little one, they will settle more easily into their new surroundings.  Your baby will love how Pandora captures the natural light as it swirls around.  Their eyes will follow the dance like movements as Pandora moves and turns.  This interaction really encourages your little one’s brain development.  As your baby grows their fine motor skills develop and they learn to judge distances as they gaze up at the mobile and look around becoming more aware of their familiar surroundings. 

For your baby’s safety, secure your baby mobile away from tiny hands and in a location where there will be plenty of room for your mobile to swing around freely. 

To hang your mobile securely you will need to find the joist in the ceiling and mark the spot with a pencil so when you drill you are in the correct spot.  Then drill a pilot hole using a small drill bit. Next screw in your cup hook by hand until it is flush with the ceiling.  Ideally, use clear strong fishing line and thread this through the soldered top ring of the mobile.  Tie it to your desired length where no one can walk into it and your little one can’t grab it.  Tie firmly with a strong knot and loop it over the hook.  All done, enjoy your handy work.

Features to Love

  • Handmade from natural brass material with a double coat of satin brushed finish
  • Helps to develop fine motor skills as your baby grows
  • Captures your baby’s attention and keeps them occupied during waking times
  • Encourages your baby to judge distances as the mobile moves towards and away from their eyes
  • Gold-plated chain


  • 55W x 55L cm

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